MICHAEL KORS launches the 2017 WATCH HUNGER STOP charity

Michael Kors pleasure, announced on October 16th is world food day, at a time when MichaelKors will be in the period of one month for a limited product WatchHunger Stop charity project, and hold a series of new activities, give the fight against global hunger. The Watch Hunger Stop charity has been in the works for five years now, raising money in five years, awakening the public’s awareness of philanthropy and making a great contribution to creating a world of zero Hunger. MICHAEL KORS to cooperate with the UN’s world food programme (WFP), to raise funds to support the world food program (WFP) school meal plan, plan covers almost 70 countries, more than 16 million children each year to provide them with food, guarantee the necessary nutrition, helping them achieve their potential. To date, the world food programme has provided more than 15 million meals to hungry children through the Watch Hunger Stop charity.
“Over the years, we have worked together with Michael Kors to make a huge contribution to fighting global hunger.” “Said Rick Leach, director and executive director of the U.S. division of the world food program. “In the past five years, school feeding program is listed as the focus of the MichaelKors implementation plan, to ensure the starving children played a great role in promoting, necessary nutrient to help starving children out of poverty and be successful in our studies.
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson, a talented actress, writer, entrepreneur and humanitarian, is reusing the Watch Hunger Stop charity to join Michael Kors’s annual campaign to fight Hunger in the world. In June, with the world food program (WFP) Kate to siem reap, Cambodia view WatchHunger Stop charity fund-raising project on schedule, to understand how this project to help the world food programme (WFP) solve the problem of starving children food, nutrition support their life needs. During the field trip, Kate visited local schools, farms and families, and asked the local residents about the life of the local people and showed their charm to bring warmth and strength to the local people. She talk to the world food programme (WFP) local employees, help prepare school meals and play with the children, dedicated, to participate in the school feeding program in every detail, hands-on practice, for the children’s life.
“It is a great honor to be able to work with Michael for three years to contribute to such a great cause.” KateHudson said. “In June, I visited schools in Cambodia, raising money for there WatchHunger Stop charitable projects, can let the UN’s world food programme (WFP) for the starving children solve the problem of food, let the children to obtain nutrients required for growth, and successfully complete their studies. This experience is so impressive ­ – I can’t wait to share with you what I saw and heard there.”
“My good friend Kate can join us again and I am very excited and grateful to join us in the fight against global hunger.” Michael Kors says. “I share the same belief that she and I believe that as long as we work together, the problem of hunger can be solved. “Watch the Hunger Stop charity project raises money to help the world food program school feeding programs, and starving children of a healthy and happy future. We are proud to be able to do so.”
Artist hands
In this year’s Watch Hunger Stop event, all product designs are made by acclaimed artist Clym Evernden. Evernden graduated from the central saint martins college of art and design, majoring in costume design and is known for his distinctive ink-jet style. He has made many artistic creations for the Michael Kors event, including the opening ceremony at the beautiful flag store on regent street in the UK. The “Watch Hunger Stop” is the artist’s first charity event, and his bold, engaging design has brought life to the event. Speaking of the work, Evernden explained, “to create a strong visual effect, you can instantly capture the global public’s gaze. I use the ink line is natural, no traces of features, the event will want to convey information included in the paintings, express to help those in need of help people feel, strong, positive engagement.”
The wind of leshan
Since the launch of the Watch Hunger Stop charity, there has been a practice of releasing special watches, which will be donated to the world food programme for 100 meals every time a special edition is sold. This year’s highlight is the newly released special edition of Michael Kors Access Sofie’s touchscreen smartwatch.
Watch Hunger Stop limited Sofie is a fashionable, charming plating black style intelligent wrist Watch, at the top of the bronze strap circles and squares with gems, Watch body small thin, circular dial color bright and beautiful, modelling is exquisite. Built-in latest Michael Kors Access application, also added many additional features, such as “MySocial” function, users can directly on the smart watch link sets and Facebook account, and set the person’s image on the dial. The special designed digital dial for WatchHunger Stop is unique and can only be used in this watch.
Like all Michael Kors Access Watch, Watch HungerStop limited money Sofie compatible with iOS ® and Android ™ system, using the Android Wear ™ 2.0 and Google smart Watch platform technology, built-in Qualcomm ® Snapdragon Wear ™ 2100 processor. Android 2.0 customizable dial, Wear with humanized notification and message functions, can be downloaded to a third party applications, and can use Google assistant, greatly enriched the smart watch the user experience.
New MichaelKors Access touch-screen smartwatch Watch Hunger Stop limited Sofie will be available at MichaelKors boutique and MichaelKors online boutiques worldwide on March 31, 2018.
Look to the future
Buying a pair of black cobalt blue Lon sunglasses can be a stylish way to contribute to the Watch Hunger Stop charity project. This limited edition sunglasses with flat reflector lenses, bring modern elements to the classic design. For each sale, the project will be donated to the world food programme for 100 meals.
The Watch HungerStop Lon sunglasses, both men and women, will be sold exclusively at MichaelKors boutique and MichaelKors online boutiques from today to March 31, 2018.
SHARE THE MEAL application
Share The Meal is The world’s first application designed for The fight against global hunger, was designed by The world food programme (WFP) first launched an app, with beautiful attractive visual effect, simple interface, easy operation and abundant content and pictures, easy to make friends, learn about The world, harvest joy and fun. Use The Share The Meal app to donate $0.50 with a tap on The screen — and add to The joy of helping others. With this application, it’s easy for users to get into the habit of doing good in the day.
The download link to Share The Meal application at http://wfpusa.org/MKSTM2017
Photo contributions
Based on last year’s success, MichaelKors once again unveiled the Watch Hunger Stop filter on Snapchat, which can be used on October 1 solstice 31. In the us, Canada or the UK, the MichaelKors store opens Snapchat’s photos with special filters, which will be donated to the world food programme’s 25 meals.
Every year, Michael Kors designs a new WatchHunger Stop T-shirt. This year, this T-shirt is designed by Clym Everden and will be distributed free of charge at the global Michael Kors boutique store on October 14 solstice 16. With the #WatchHungerStop tag, a selfie of the T-shirt on social media, MichaelKors will donate 50 meals to the world food program.
More donation methods
In October, customers can donate to WatchHunger Stop charity at the cash register at the global MichaelKors boutique.
In a particular country, customers can log on to WatchHungerStop.com, and click on links on the page to donate directly to the world food program. American customers can also send “MKHUNGER” to “50555” for $5 (application information and data rate).
“Every year, our customers and fans will be generous with the WatchHunger Stop charity, and I’m encouraged.” Michael Kors online. “So every year we try to provide easier access to people who want to help others. People all over the world are trying to solve the problem of hunger, to become a member of the family is a wonderful, incredible experience, I know that as long as we continue to work hard, we will be able to succeed.”

These new bags are known to be in fashion for 50 years at a glance

Women love package, love to buy more bags, if you want to buy a fashionable handbags, in addition to the familiar 2.55, Birkin etc. These are known as “classic” style, this year chun xia, have so a batch of new package with a strong personality, also can see at a glance know absolutely fashionable for 50 years.

Michael Kors Jaryn Calf Leather Large Black Totes

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• Handle Drop: 8″
• Flat bottom with feet to protect bag when set down
• Interior: One Zip Pocket, Three Open Pockets, One Cell Phone Pocket.

Michael Kors Cynthia Logo Large Fuchsia Satchels

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• Small bags with big bag
• Handles with chain insets and rings
• Golden hardware
• Hanging logo charm
• Adjustable/Removable straps
• Inside zip, cell phone and multifunction pockets

The first bag in the workplace is your business card

Every year in July, a group of young boys and girls will leave the campus in the face of their first job in life, also want to choose a town on the scene, Michael Kors Bags, the first job of the first package, is more than a simple to receive items, but a card in the past to people around you.
The colors are elegant, and can handle more than 80% of the occasions. For most people to buy the first big package, half year will not be crazy spending to buy a new Bag, so the first Bag must be able to cope with work, travel, social activities, dates and other occasions, so don’t make track for “hot style”, also don’t too high, being like this special fashion Bag, modelling is more suitable for at ordinary times.
In the vagaries of fashion, a month is up a being Cheap Bag phenomenon is so common, perhaps you now to come up with a unique “red envelopes in the net can be colleagues praised, but back again after six months, the people’s reaction is popular money – this is the last season.
Whether it is the first line of big-name Michael Kors or niche brand, texture is the most important factor. Same appearance of handbags, leather different reveal the effect very different, such as bright surface paint often give a person the sense of playfulness, but not well suited to back to work, more is not suitable for formal meetings.