Warm-up messi scored a hat-trick and assists aguero Argentina’s 4-0 victories

The World Cup
An international friendly in compete bombonera stadium, Argentina’s 4-0 victory at home in Haiti, assists aguero goal after Lionel messi scored a hat-trick.

Haiti is currently only 108 FIFA world rankings, Argentina ranked fifth. Lionel messi lead, with higuain and di maria trident. Javier mascherano to match my 143th appearance in Argentina play record kept zanetti, and was awarded the jersey.

The continuous pressure after the opening of Argentina. The periphery of the method, the passing, higuain shot a lack of threat. Then messi passing, di maria left oblique slant the penalty area. Javier mascherano long, messi right rib strength slightly lighter was goalkeeper off single pole into the goal. Blanche’s corner, higuain header wide. Javier mascherano passing, Lionel messi in the box on the left side of the low close be confiscated.

Argentina’s 17th minute lead, Selma SuoJiang tu area on the left side is kicked, Lionel messi penalty kick hit. Selma rope passing, Thalia fico area on the left side of the shot. A di maria then slice the box on the left side of the same. The pylon di corner melee shot was blocked. Silvio crosses, higuain’s close shot was saved Haiti goalkeeper did.

The situation is still in the second half. 58 minutes, higuain restricted zone on the right side of the cross, los Selma somalia’s header from the edge of the area was barely saved, messi close half, 2-0. Aguero to replace higuain. After the 66th minute, pavin area on the left side to get rid of 2 people under bottom cross, messi small cut edge of the area into a hat-trick, 3-0.

The 69th minute, messi direct passing, aguero small edge of the area boot from the net, 4-0. Mesa passing, silvio box on the right side shoot higher. Messi crosscutting, pavin area on the left side of the same high. The last moment, messi 25 yards free-kick shoot directly above the upper right corner. Argentina then warm up with Israel.

Argentina (4-3-3) : kappa column; Mr Silvio, method (46 ‘, rojo), the tower door, Thalia fico (71 ‘, library, o); Los searle (75 ‘), and add), javier mascherano, range (59 ‘, mesa); Lionel messi, higuain (59 ‘, aguero), di maria (59 ‘, pavin)