Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Flyknit 2.0 men sneakers reshape widely loved Air Max design, with flexible Flyknit structure and density of lightweight double shock configuration, effectively upgrade light texture and softness.


Clever and laminating

Lightsome Flyknit design aiming at the demand of the key parts, the elastic, supporting property and air permeability performance of organic integration, create a particularly comfortable fit effect.

Light shock

Dual density foam, soft shock, effectively reduce the overall weight of the shoe. Heel with visual Max Air cushion, elastic, detonate a rapidly-changing performance.

Other details

Memory foam insole heel foam, further enhance shock effect

Die shoe tongue, comfortable fit

Flexible rubber grain design, both grip and abrasion resistance


In the late 1970 s, revolutionary Nike Air – Sole Air cushion came to prominence in the Nike shoes. In 1987, Nike Air Max 1, in the form of transparent Air cushion in the heel, let this sneaker lovers can feel the Air – the Sole comfort, and see them. Since then, a new generation of Nike Air Max shoes with its eye-catching color combination, reliable performance and lightweight cushioning effect, quickly popular among athletes and collection.

FLYKNIT technology origin

Nike Flyknit technology the inspiration for the runner, who wants to have a pair of comfortable and nicely like socks foot type of shoes. For this, Nike to programmers, engineers, designers, strong team and launched a four-year research and development, the development of high-end technology, designed to build with its structure of aesthetic feeling and special wear-resistant knitting vamp. A layer of material, with only a simple gave vamp accurate support, flexibility and permeability. If to produce light feather, seamless one-piece shoe joint foot type.

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Nike Flyknit is a kind of shoes made of polyester yarn is made and be become the technology, it not only has the characteristics of lightweight, elasticity and wear resistance, but also with line by line natural staggered formation of perforation, increases the permeability of the shoes. Based on Flyknit vamp material and process of the particularity of reason, about two shoes of the pattern and color may not be able to completely consistent.